Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce

Singapore-Thai Chamber Logo

We are now a proud member of the Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce. Previously our company was just active in the American Chamber and attended occasional joint functions with the Singapore group. But with more and more of our event work taking place in Singapore and Singapore companies with events in Thailand, this is just a natural progression.

We are proud to be accepted as a member and looking forward to joining the family at the Singapore-Thai Chamber group.

Songkran Holiday In Thailand

This week is the “Songkran” Water Festival holiday all over Thailand. It is essentially the New Year celebration for Thai people and everyone is off from work all week. Part of the fun country-wide is people splash water all over each other for good luck.

I am in none of the pics below, as I am staying inside nice and dry! But seriously, nice to have some downtime while everyone else is going mad running around.

Songkran Girls Playing

Songkran Taxi Getting Splashed

Songkran Pickup Water Gang

Songkran Kids Playing

Jerry Conklin Passes Away…

I know I am real late with this news (finding out after the fact) and it has been reported many places elsewhere in the magic community – But I did want to make mention of it and a few words with my own insight.

Jerry Conklin

Jerry Conklin was one of the real “old timers” and one half of the “Amazing Conklins.” He lived and was based out of Colon, Michigan ever since I can remember. I saw many of his illusion shows at the annual Abbott Get-Together’s and always learned much from him. Ironically, he was born in the same year as my mom, 1928.

I know in recent months he had been active on his Facebook page and is where I re-connected with him. RIP – Both you as a person and your performances will be greatly missed Jerry. But will live on in all of our memories forever…

Photos From Johor Bahru, Malaysia Performance

Yes we heard your requests! Finally have a chance to share a few pics from our performances last February in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. The performances took place at Setia Tropika Johor (February 27th) & Setia Eco Gardens (February 28th). We shipped a full container full of magic, illusions and special effects, as well as brought the full crew. But it was worth it and the audience seemed to enjoy it.

The photographer we hired was not too great but at least we have some shots of the shows. Our Malaysian friend Alex is forwarding some even better pics in the near future. When we get them we will post some off those, as well…

The full gallery of pics from these performances is available over at our Facebook page.