Trip To Owen Magic Supreme

I finally have found some time to post these pics of my previous trip to Owen Magic Supreme in Azusa, California. Alan Zagorsky and Gertrude Smith are always great hosts. And Alan is one of the most under-rated magic illusion designers in the business with a vast research library. (As well as his vast decades of experience!)

I still feel Owen Magic is still the most solid builder in the business, and their illusions will perform & last solid over time.

And don’t judge their illusions just by what is in their generic catalog. Their creative designs are awesome too, but Alan keeps them off the website and out of the paper catalog for a reason! (I should say their smaller & medium-size magic apparatus is awesome too – of which I own several pieces…)


An outside pic of Owen Magic Supreme.


A close-up view of their building sign.


A partial view of the massive workshop.


Joe and the beautiful Gertrude Smith.


Gertrude Smith leaving work for the day.


A view of the illusion cargo bay loading area.