Unexpected Guest At The Production Facility

You never know what guests will pop around to see us while we are working or rehearsing. In this case it was a big live lizard – that surprised us all!!!

Thailand is known for it’s large reptiles, but this is the first time I encountered one this close up. My dogs where going crazy and chasing it around too, but I kept them at a distance for their safety. We chased & chased him all around the warehouse until he rested for a while under my tool case you see below. After that, my Thai neighbor helped and he was carefully escorted out the door to the field from which he came from.

Never a boring day here at the Joe Conrad Magic Company.  🙂


Staying for a while.


Going, going…



Beautiful View In Vladivostok

While in Vladivostok, Russia hiring a new team of dancers (for an upcoming tour) I snapped this breathing taking pic from my hotel lobby.

Even though a bit overcast, the view of the ocean is breathtaking.

(Before those of you that might ask, that is not a line in the middle of the photos. It is a crazy electrical cable hanging down from the hotel roof for some work they were doing!)