Passing Of Illusionist Rick Walker

Illusionist Rick Walker

Illusionist Rick Walker

It is with much sadness that I heard second-hand of the recent death of my friend, Master Illusionist Rick Walker. He died way too early at the age of 64. The date of his death was Saturday, July 20, 2013.

I had not seen Rick for several years, but last I heard is that he was still very active in magic, along with his other businesses. Apparently (as it has been related to me) Rick had an accidentally fall, which caused a bump to his head and caused brain hemorrhaging leading to his death.

Rick Walker & Company was one of the first illusionists I ever saw perform live (at the Florida State Magic Convention in the 1970’s) and had a big influence on me. This was the first time a had seen a magician of a higher caliber perform with the the large illusions – and from that moment on was something I wanted to aspire to. Rick was about 13 years older than me, so when I saw him perform he was in his prime.

Rick was originally from Monticello, Mississippi, but moved to Dallas, Texas in 1977 where he spent the majority of his adult life. He was also an assistant for the Harry Blackstone, Jr. show early in his career. He had numerous national television appearances, was a magic consultant to the movie industry, as well as performing world-wide with his show.

Rick, you will be missed. But your influence and magic will live on.

You can see a video of Illusionist Rick Walker’s performance below.

Sad News About Peter White…

I was sad to hear so, so late about the passing of Peter White late last year. I was shocked I was not aware earlier…

Peter was a legend in the dove and silk magic world. I remember seeing his lecture for the first time as a teenager at a Florida State Magic Convention. And he was so kind to spend an additional hour or so privately with me (from a mutual friend’s introduction) and shared even more inside knowledge. WOW!!! How was I to know at that time the effect it would have on my act and how many of his dove & silk gimmicks work become standard in the magic world today. (With no credit to him I might add!)

Nobody took more pride in his teaching and products than he did. As the owner of P&A Silks, he filled a niche that is not easy to find. (Where in the world can I get the white streamers for my act now???) His old lecture notes called “Pete White Dove and Silk Lecture” are available from time to time on Denny & Lee’s Magic Studio website. Believe me, you will not regret the purchase!

For the time being, you can see full details on Peter, his life and his passing on his P&A SILKS webpage.

Peter White of P&A Silks