Hank Lee’s Harry Levy Sentenced

I know a lot of you have been following this story and we are probably reporting it later than most news & blog outlets.

But because of my previous post about it and my personal lifelong connection to him and his company, I thought it worthy to mention it. (and for my readers and followers, as well)

harry-levy-hank-leesThere was a lot of anticipation and gossip in the magic community on what his sentence would be. In the end, he was given two years of imprisonment, two years additional probation and must make full restitution of the $560,000 he stole from the credit card of the victim Richard Garriott over a period of years.

His attorneys tried to argue for a much lighter sentence, in which effort they were unsuccessful.

Hank Lee (Harry Levy) is only 61 years old and still young enough to move on with his life when all this is over. Hopefully he realizes the mistake he made and the humility he has caused himself and his family. Hank Lee’s magic Factory remains open and I know he still has at least some loyal customers.

I will always try and remember the good side of Hank, and still have found memories as I go through some of his old paper catalogs in my collection. Good wishes and God bless his family too, as they try and deal with all this and put together the pieces of their lives.

This story regarding the sentencing of Harry Levy originally broke in the Medford Patch on September 6, 2012.

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3 Responses to Hank Lee’s Harry Levy Sentenced

  1. Jeff Harding says:

    I want to thank Joe Conrad for his words. I too have purchase many thinks from Harry over the years. I feel for his family. We never really know why someone would do what they do. But this shows us all that it can have a affect on everyone. I will keep Harry’s family and Harry in my prayers and hope that we all can learn from this. When he pays the price let him be forgiven and move forward.

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