My Favorite ATA Case… :-)

A lot of my friends and staff think I have an obsession with “trying” to be organized, but never really am totally.
(It is no big secret too that I am a big believer in David Allen’s GTD philosophy, which keeps me on track…)

The pics that follow are a “case” in point… (Pun intended!)

This case is the replacement for an ATA case that went missing at a theatre where we where performing. I was so happy when these new one arrived from the case company! It is where all the various items are kept for my dove act (silk scarves, gimmicks, etc.), along with my other overall show emergency/preparation items (rubber bands, paperclips, glues, small tools and so on…). All organized by drawer and section.

A little obsessive YES, but it keeps me with a system backstage and I’m also easier to deal with for my staff. Just thought I would share…





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