Shocking Situation About Hank Lee

Just as most of the magic community was, I was shocked to read the news over at the ‘Genii Buzz’ forum regarding the federal charges against Hank Lee (real name Harry Levy) of Hank Lee’s Magic Factory. Then of course after that the story went viral over all the other magic forums and blogs.

You can see the entire article here on the FBI investigation into Hank Lee. Also here is the pdf of the Hank Lee/Richard Garriott stipulated facts and settlement agreement  on the case.

This is so sad, at least for me personally. I have looked at Hank Lee with the highest regard for most of my career. I have ordered magic from him for the last 3 decades. As a teenager and beyond I always looked forward to his newest catalog and the ‘Book of Books’ (in the pre-internet days!). He always had all the latest items and supplies I needed and shipped them super fast.

To see him go through this kind of humility (even though self-imposed) breaks my heart. God bless his family too as they go through this ordeal. Hope he can move on after his punishment imposed by the court and put all of this behind him.

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  1. Kaarlo von Freymann says:

    You are right, Hank was a nice man. I liked both his humor and his advertising. I took me more than half a year to understand he was a c****.

    Most all of those who can defraud others on a large scale are nice, it is actually a prerquisite. I know someone who once met Maddof and says he felt he had met a nice man. But make no mistake, this Texan gentleman may be the biggest looser in this fraud, but he certainly is not the only one. I had the same problem and I know of some others.

    Having been in business myself for half century I know in every field there will be fraudulent businessmen. What worries me is the magic “cosa nostra” that sees to it that they are untouchable. There was an other dealer, who falsely advertised you would get a prompt refund in case you were not happy with the item you bought and returned it within the stipulated time. You did not. And there was no way to warn the magic community as the “cosa nostra” would prevent facts to be published. KRF

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