“100 Days Before Christmas” Event

We were really happy to be featured and part of this this early Christmas event last weekend – at Vista Mall Taguig (Manila, Philippines).

Yes, they really start celebrating Christmas early in the Philippines!  🙂


More Pics from Ever Gotesco Commonwealth

Some more ‘behind-the-scenes’ pics from our recent appearance in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines on Saturday, June 17, 2017.


The stage crew putting the finishing touches on the stage set & backdrop for our show at Ever Gotesco Commonwealth.


Justin is putting the finishing touches on our ‘step-and-repeat’ photo backdrop area.


Joe Conrad & Jaz (dancer in Joe’s show) in front of the photo drop area.


Joe, Jaz & the mall management team from Ever Gotesco Commonwealth.


The stage area nearly all set up and ready to go…

EDSA Shangri-La Manila Event

Some pics from our previous Easter event for EDSA Shangri-La Manila…

EDSA Shangri-La Manila Illusionist Joe Conrad

Illusionist Joe Conrad, lead dancer Marielle & “Snowman” the Rabbit at the photo backdrop, prior to the entrance of the Grand Ballroom/Event Stage. (EDSA Shangri-La Manila)

EDSA Shangri-La Manila Disney Alice In Wonderland Joe Conrad

The event poster. This was a joint event produced by Disney & EDSA Shangri-La Manila.

EDA Shangri-La Manila Joe Conrad

Lead Dancer & Assistant Marielle posing at the entrance to the Grand Ballroom at the EDSA Shangri-La Manila. You can see the event stage in the background.

Bangkok Total Event Show – Part 3: ‘After-Show Pics’

Now that the Cera Sanitaryware 2013 Gala Dinner & Show was concluded, it was time for all to let their hair down a bit. International Indian DJ Dominic Dom (and his partner) took things over and everyone partied & danced into the wee hours of the night.

That gave us a chance to relax too and snap a few pictures for our memories of the event.

certa after show joe conrad and dancerJoe Conrad together with his beautiful lead show dancer and assistant just after his show.

certa-after-executives-winnersAll the key executives of the Cera Sanitaryware Company & employee prize winners, led by Mr. Abbey Rodrigues – Vice-President of Domestic Sales (pictured 2nd from the left). 3 cars were given away that night. WOW!

certa-after-danceAfter the spectacular gala dinner event, everyone was in the mood to party and dance the night away. As you can see from the pic, looks like they could have done with a few more women on the stage to join them!  😉

certa-after-pretty-girls-dancingEven all the Thai ‘pretty girls’ got in the party mood and started dancing!

certa event after pics joe conrad and angusJoe and Angus hanging out backstage.

certa event after pics joe conrad and photographer nokJoe Conrad and his ace Bangkok-based photographer Khun Nok. (Who did all the photography too for this series of blog posts on the Cera Sanitaryware event).

Then after that the official event was concluded. Another hard part for my some of my technical team and staff actually begins now – as the illusions and props are packed away, light, sound, AV & set equipment are torn down, put into the the truck and so on…

A conclusion to another Joe Conrad Magic Company produced event. We normally do not go into this much detail documenting what goes on at one of our events. But since we were in total control of producing it, it allowed a unique opportunity to document it too for our many fans and readers.

A big “THANK YOU” to all of my team and everyone else involved. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun at the same time. Until next time…

Bangkok Total Event Show – Part 2: ‘The Show!’

We finally get to what all this hard work was for – The Cera Gala Dinner & Show!

certa-show-robert-thomas-mcThe evening started with expert Master of Ceremonies Robert Thomas entering the stage and welcoming everyone. Robert was flown in special from Sydney just for this event!

certa-show-belly-dancer-jeta-barooshkaFirst on the bill was the internationally acclaimed belly-dancer Jeta Barooshka. She was a big hit with the all-Indian audience. She was to present her spectacular fire act too, but in the end the security of the hotel did not allow any fire whatsoever in the ballroom (which is becoming more & more common these days).

certa-show-shaolin-master-soloNext up was a grand master Shaolin martial artist. He presentation brought gasps from the crowd and thunderous applause.

certa-show-lion-danceBesides Joe Conrad’s magic, one of the other great highlights of the night was the presentation of the Lion Dance. This kind of act is very unique to Asia and the region, which is the reason why it is usually requested to be included in an event of this nature. With over 13 cast members that are involved in the act, it is something that must be seen live to be fully appreciated.

certa-show-award-winnersA short break from the entertainment took place now. This was so Cera Sanitaryware could give out some awards to some especially hard-working employees across multiple departments. Congratulations to all of you that worked so hard for this top-notch Indian company.

certa-show-illusionist-joe-conrad-linking-ringsIllusionist Joe Conrad smiles playfully at the audience while performing one of his tricks.

certa-show-illusionist-joe-conrad-dancer-paulaPaula, one of Illusionist Joe Conrad’s beautiful dancers, just as she disappears in an illusion.

certa-show-illusionist-joe-conrad-sword-basketJoe Conrad plunges a one of many swords into his basket illusion, while the dancer is still inside.

certa-show-illusionist-joe-conradFrom the reaction of the audience, all of our hard work was worth it! Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the show immensely. Which was a big relief to all of us involved in producing it!

COMING UP – PART III: ‘After-Show Pics’