Illusionist Joe Conrad Facebook Page

After many years of using my Joe Conrad personal profile on Facebook for promoting professional activities, we have now launched the Illusionist Joe Conrad Facebook Page.

A big thank you to all of you who have already stopped by and supported us there.  🙂

A SPECIAL NOTE: From this point forward we will be posting all relevant Illusionist Joe Conrad news & business items over on the official Facebook Page (and on the official site & blog, of course), rather than on my Joe Conrad personal Facebook profile. My personal profile will be reserved for items of a personal/family nature only.

In you haven’t had a chance to stop by yet, please check it out & ‘Like‘ us. It will be very appreciated…

Illusionist Joe Conrad Official Facebook Page

Feeling Much Better…

A big thank you to all of my fans and friends while I have been recuperating from my recent back pain… I appreciate all the notes, cards, gifts and emails I received!

It just came out of the blue when I woke up one morning… WOW – the pain was intense and all I could do was to lie in bed and take pain meds until the pain subsided. It put me out for several weeks. (Actually nearly a month!) And had to cancel several high-profile shows…

I am finally 100% better and my doctor has given me a clean bill of health. Am so happy to be back to a normal routine and performing full-time again.

I will never take my health for granted again!  🙂

Trip To Owen Magic Supreme

I finally have found some time to post these pics of my previous trip to Owen Magic Supreme in Azusa, California. Alan Zagorsky and Gertrude Smith are always great hosts. And Alan is one of the most under-rated magic illusion designers in the business with a vast research library. (As well as his vast decades of experience!)

I still feel Owen Magic is still the most solid builder in the business, and their illusions will perform & last solid over time.

And don’t judge their illusions just by what is in their generic catalog. Their creative designs are awesome too, but Alan keeps them off the website and out of the paper catalog for a reason! (I should say their smaller & medium-size magic apparatus is awesome too – of which I own several pieces…)


An outside pic of Owen Magic Supreme.


A close-up view of their building sign.


A partial view of the massive workshop.


Joe and the beautiful Gertrude Smith.


Gertrude Smith leaving work for the day.


A view of the illusion cargo bay loading area.

My Friend Kelly…

The nice thing about this business with traveling all over the world and performing, is renewing and staying in touch with all the old & new friends alike.

Kelly Mac was my magic assistant in the early 1980’s (back when I was working for Robert Earl in Orlando and doing 2 shows a night!). She is now a famous makeup artist in New York, doing all high-level projects and many celebrity shoots. I had such a crush on her then, hee hee…

Great to hear from you Kelly!  🙂

Just look at the dated 80’s hair styles & clothes on both of us below!


Joe Conrad and Kelly Mac – circa 1980’s


Kelly Mac today on one of her shoots.